iphone note from 23/02/2018 I cross the road and am walking on the slim strip of dirt next to the main road on my way to uni. I’m not far from my house and I hear I guy behind me, he says “excuse me can I ride up next to you” and I say okay. He says he didn’t want to talk to me from behind. He seems friendly and I’m not intimidated or threatened. He’s maybe 40 years old but looks healthy despite missing a number of his top front teeth. He asks me where I’m going, tells me he lives down the road and has ten dollars to spend on a hair cut. His front tire is also flat which tells me he won’t follow me for long. It's early, around 9am. Asks me questions about where I'm from, what I do and how long I'm staying here for. He says he has a daughter. Says it’s a good thing I’m not sticking around for long. That’s it’s not a great place here and that I’d "need ten of him to stay safe around here". Tells me I’m beautiful. “God damn look at those eyes”, he exclaims. Some things he mutters, the things he knows he shouldn’t be saying to my face I guess. He calls this “Arizona mutter”. “Hey! look! you see that kangaroo over there!?” he says, as a joke. I’m like the mumma kangaroo he says - the glory kangaroo - implying that I’m a ‘catch’ and that he’s attracted to me because I’m 'pretty' and foreign. We talk about his tire, I tell him he better get that fixed. “Anyway” he says, “my name is Daniel, I’m sure we’ll see each other again” and I say "yeah possibly I mean we’re in the same neighborhood". But I’m wary. His tone signals that he’s going to leave me be and go back to the house he lives in down the road that he claims to be avoiding. As I get to the corner of University Drive and Broadway, I say “anyway man, have a good one, see ya later” and I wave in a half-assedly way, signaling that the conversation is over and I’m walking away. He mutters some other things about me that I choose to ignore and I walk off regretting that I didn’t pull him up on that. I hope I don’t see him again.


Looks That Penetrate, 2017

Colour reduction screen print, printed on BFK Rives, 480 x 385mm paper/298 x 220mm print
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